Making Maps

I love gifts! Or as I like to call them, prizes! And as many of my friends know, it’s more about ME when giving the gift than the actual recipient! I ask myself one question, ‘What would I want right now if it was my birthday/xmas/etc.?’ And then I buy/make that thing I just thought of. I don’t care if you don’t like JCrew! You’re getting that sparkle glitter box clutch and you’re going to like it! Don’t wear Mac’s ‘Lady Danger’ lipstick? Too bad! It’s yours!

This year I wanted to do something different that select from ‘Jenna’s Picks’.

I’ve always been obsessed with graphic design and layout. If I wasn’t an apparel designer, I would be a hair stylist. And if I wasn’t a hair stylist I would be the customs agent that checks people into the country and asks them ‘What’s your business in my country?’ (because I don’t have a ‘nosy nature’, I have an ‘investigative nature’, and quite frankly, I think I would make a lot friends.) I love having a lot of friends! And if I wasn’t the customs agent that checks people into the country and asks them ‘What’s your business in my country?’, I would be a graphic designer!

I love type, I love layout and I love lines! So it’s only natural that I love maps! I like thinking about when cities & towns were first established, how they evolved and the logic in creating paths of transportation. But it ends there. I can’t follow a paper map to save my life. Those people that can walk outside and know what direction they are facing blow. my. mind.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do a map project for awhile and luckily for my friends, I got my chance when their birthdays started rolling around this fall! Everyone is getting a framed map of the town they grew up in. Everybody. Once I get enough complete, they will fill a wall in my living room! See how that works out?! Don’t you wish you were one of my friends?!

I know.





Collar Me Crazy!

1  Nicole Richie YSL; google image

2  Madewell;

3  Ralph Lauren;

4  Valentino;

5  street style;

6  street style;

7  Vera Wang;

8  Kate Spade;

Ebay Expertise



Ok, fine. I didn’t write about the Ebay necklace I won. Here’s what happened:

I was ‘practicing’ bidding on Ebay.

I bid on 4 JCrew bubble necklaces, thinking my chances are better this way.

Then I found out it’s considered ‘rude’ to retract a bid.


I thought, ‘I can give these as gifts, sure!’

I found peace with my bidding fate.

Then, I lost 3 of the bids.


Then, I won ONE!


($10 S&H, whatevs)

6 weeks later it arrived from Shanghai- a bonafide knock off.

I’ll wear it anyway.





Jewelry I NEED!

Ok, Ok, Ok. I didn’t create a post for worst dressed.  You got me.  But I’ve been super busy and by the time I got to sit down, I was so over the Oscar’s!  I can’t take it anymore! But for those who have been holding out – I would pick Angelina Jolie as worst for the following reasons:

1. I never understand why she gets picks as ‘best’ on every red carpet.  I can see her bones.

2. She’s s bit of witch, don’t you think?

3. I prefer Jennifer Aniston.

Moving on – I am in need of some new jewelz… Here’s what’s on my list:

Nancy Kraskin via CatBird NYC

I’ve had my eye on these little gems since about 2009. It’s time.

Low Luv x Erin Wasson via

I’ve been looking for an all gold cocktail ring. Yes!

Michael Kors, Black CatWalk watch via

My huge gold menswear watch has seen better days. It’s been 4:15 since 2006 & the poor face is cracked. Time for an upgrade. No pun intended.

Jennifer Zuener via

Being a connoisseur of delicate gold necklaces, this one would fit nicely into my collection.