An interview conducted by Lara of frombillymcgee, with Lara of frombillymcgee.  A rare glimpse inside the mind of a total nut job  genius creative.

Thanks so much for inviting me into your beautiful apartment home! Is that a washer/dryer in the utility closet? That’s a sure sign of wealth if I’ve ever seen one!

Why, yes!  Yes, it is!  Aren’t they wonderful?  They’re super capacity and the dryer is front loading.  I change my clothes three times a day so I have enough to do a load at least 4 times a week!

Wow. Oh. Well I guess that answers my questions about your social life… Let’s just start at the beginning, why don’t you tell our readers a bit about where you’re from?

Well I was born & raised in Chillicothe, Ohio, a small town south of Columbus.  I was a ballerina and a Girl Scout. I even won the Girl Scouts of America Baking Contest – with No-Bake Cookies! First place honors!!

You’re lying. You can’t win a baking contest with something that was never baked.

Talk to the judges, I stand by my story.

Ok, ok, ok. You’re getting distracted. Go on, now.

You’re not the most patient interviewer, are you? … I went onto graduate from the University of Cincinnati in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design/ Product Development and Merchandising.  I was a professional design intern as well during my undergrad, working at Aéropostale, Jimmy’z, Fossil and Abercrombie & Fitch.  I also worked part-time as a waitress at TGI Friday’s.

TGI Friday’s, huh?  Can you still sing the birthday song?

*clears throat*

me me me meeeeeee…mooo mooo mooo

la la la, fee fee fo fum

Um, what are you doing?

Warming up my vocal cords, duh.

Uh One, uh two, uh one, two, three GO!


Happy Happy Birthday

From the Friday’s Crew!

We wish it was our Birthday,

so we could party too!



That was really special.

I have a memory like an elephant.

And a voice to match. I heard you were asked to lip synch in your choir class?


So, you graduated in 2006, where did you go from there?

Well I laid by my parents’ pool for a few months while I contemplated the meaning of life. Then, miraculously, I got an amazing job offer in Minneapolis! I’ve been an apparel designer for a little over 5 years and have made some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for!

You aren’t wearing that bikini in Minneapolis, I’m sure! Don’t you tell a story about how it’s common for one’s eyeballs to actually freeze in those coldest of cold temperatures?!

It’s true!

I heard it from a cab driver, and you KNOW they tell the truth! He heard from a doctor he was driving home one freezing night. And we all know, doctor’s see the craziest, yet truthful, s$#%! He went on to tell me that the eyeball is made up mostly of water and other special eye liquids. Step outside on a blustery -40 windchill day, and just like that *snaps*, you can have a pair of rock solid frozen eyeballs! Scary, right?! You know, I’ve actually FELT my eyeballs freezing too! So I know from personal experience that it CAN REALLY happen!

I’m concerned that you’re taking medical advice from a cab driver.

I’m concerned that I just met you, and you seem to know a lot about me already.

Fair enough. Last question: Did you ever figure out the meaning of life while laying poolside that summer?

No, but I did get a decent tan. In the meantime, I try to live by this philosophy: Try not to get angry too much, and if sometimes you get real mad and feel like throwing stuff, remember this: if you throw stuff, you’ll likely break stuff. And if you break stuff, you’ll get angry again and the cycle will never end.

Think about it.

I’m pretty sure you just made that up.

Well, I’m pretty sure you just made up this whole ‘interview.’

Alright, the quality of this ‘interview’ is going downhill quickly. I think that’s about it, you’ve painted quite the picture for your reader’s. Anything else you’d like to add?

Well if YOU don’t have anything else, that obviously means I don’t either! silly girl….

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